The Truth About Climate Change

In scientific terms, the debate about climate change is over. With 97% of published climate scientists affirming the belief that climate change is not only happening but also caused by humans, it’s indisputable that the scientific community has come to a consensus. More than that, it’s becoming increasingly clear that climate change left unchecked will have decidedly negative consequences.

And yet on the public floor, climate change is a political statement, a statement that can still be challenged. To a discouragingly large portion of the public, climate change is not only not human-caused, it’s a hoax and not worth acting on. 

The climate change “skeptic” movement has three main tenets:

  1. Climate change is not happening for one reason or the next.
  2. If it is happening, it’s for natural reasons, not because of human activity.
  3. The scientists who perpetuate the idea of climate change are actually profiteering liars.

And guess what? It’s bullshit, all of it.

In this three-part series, my goal is to deconstruct each of these false assumptions and replace them with facts. They will be linked here as they come.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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