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I’ve Moved.

It turns out WordPress isn’t really the interface for me. I’m much more familiar with Tumblr, so I’m moving there. Here’s my new URL if you’re interested in following me. My WordPress stuff will still be around for you to … Continue reading

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Climate Change: It’s a Thing. (Part 1 of 3)

CLAIM: Climate change/global warming isn’t happening. Wrong. Climate change is happening, and it’s backed up by vast volumes of scientific evidence from all branches of science. This graph is a helpful visual representation of temperature trends for the last 140-odd … Continue reading

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Some Words on “Happy Holidays” and Political Correctness

It’s that time of year again, you guys, when the Christmas lights go up, children carol in the streets, and Bill O’Reilly bitches about the “War on Christmas”. According to the acclaimed FOX News, “the right to celebrate Christmas is … Continue reading

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Sir Patrick Stewart: Shakespearean actor, feminist ally.

Last year Patrick Stewart wrote an article in The Guardian recounting growing up in with an abusive father and the necessity for everyone to hold abusive spouses/parents accountable. It is a really moving piece, and he has a certain aptitude…

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The Truth About Climate Change

In scientific terms, the debate about climate change is over. With 97% of published climate scientists affirming the belief that climate change is not only happening but also caused by humans, it’s indisputable that the scientific community has come to … Continue reading

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We Don’t Live in Imaginationland

Or, you can’t will societal problems out of existence. Here’s something you’ve probably seen before. It’s a pretty popular exchange between Morgan Freeman and some guy about Black History Month. I agree with everything, right up until the last bit: … Continue reading

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What Makes A Slut

I’ve been around the block a few times (seventeen, to be exact) so one might say that I’m so┬ávery┬álife-experienced. At the very least, I’ve been on more comment threads and forums than I really want to remember. And if there’s … Continue reading

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