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What Makes A Slut

I’ve been around the block a few times (seventeen, to be exact) so one might say that I’m so┬ávery┬álife-experienced. At the very least, I’ve been on more comment threads and forums than I really want to remember. And if there’s … Continue reading

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Assholes Hurt, But They Don’t Matter

Or, why we should ignore people who tell women to get back in the kitchen un-ironically. Some of you might already be familiar with an article by blogger Matt Forney titled, very tellingly, “The Case Against Female Self-Esteem”. This is … Continue reading

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Why Women in Gaming Deserve More

Anyone who’s been playing video games for a while is probably vaguely aware that it’s not exactly an industry that caters to women very much. And why should it be? Who wants to be Princess Peach when you can be … Continue reading

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