Faces I Like

The Internet is a pretty awesome place. In the spirit of sharing, I’m going to update this page regularly with my favorite stuff on the Internet.


Let’s be real here, I kind of stole that “I like x face” line from Nerdy and Quirky. (Sorry.) She’s the funniest, cutest little thing ever and plus she reminds me of one of my friends, so hey–even better, right? (Fact: When I’m not blogging, I regularly scour the Internet for doppelgängers of my friends.)

I also really like Daily Grace.

But like. That’s obvious.

JeremyJahns is the only YouTuber I watch, ever, for movie reviews because everyone else just annoys the shit out of me. You don’t understand. Sometimes I just yell at the screen for people to stop rambling and they DON’T STOP.

And of course I linked his review for Pacific Rim. Jeremy is perfect, guys.

TEDx is the best. TED Talks are my favorite, period, but this YouTube channel full of awesome speakers and awesome ideas just makes all of that awesome so much more accessible than actually going to the site (the horror) and ensures that I can get both my mindless and thoughtful in one site. Bless you, TEDx on YouTube.

AND OF COURSE I LINKED TAVI BECAUSE I LOVE HER. Seriously guys, Rookie Mag. Go do it.

Other Stuff:

“Welcome to Night Vale.” – Cecil Baldwin

Welcome to Night Vale. Enough said.

I’ll flesh this out when I’m done staring at Buzzfeed posts about animals being cute.


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